7 Top Interview Tips for New Hiring Managers

Are you a new Hiring Manager getting ready for your first Interview ? It can be a scary place to be if you are not familiar with this territory!
Let me help you prepare for your interviews, download my free 7 Top Interview Tips for Employers to help you prepare for your interviews.
Don’t let that empty chair stay empty from a messy interview process, it will mean lost income for your company.

  1. Complete a gap analysis to ensure you know what skill set you need
  2. Plan ahead, prepare questions that are relevant to you
  3. Don’t forget to sell the benefits of working in your company
  4. DO NOT ask Discriminative questions
  5. Make sure you make the candidate feel comfortable
  6. Don’t recruit in your image
  7. Give Constructive Feedback

Contact me for my free download, you will be sending the contract out to your new employee in no time!