Choosing a good recruitment consultant

There are so many recruitment agencies out there now and there are more popping up all the time, you have your big brand agencies, specialist agencies, independent agencies, contract agencies, local agencies, temp agencies, online agencies and extremely cheap agencies.


You are spoilt for choice so who do you choose?


Do you get on?

We all in our jobs and in our life must work with people that we do not like, well so people say.  I disagree, you should like your recruiter and trust them to have your company needs at the fore front of their mind.


Do they take the time to discuss your requirements?

How many questions do they ask about the vacancy and person specification, do they listen to you and guide you regarding salaries and the current markets.  A recruiter should want to come to your premises to discuss this ideally, so they can meet you face to face and see the environment.  All this information helps to make sure they are targeting only suitable candidates.


What targets are they working to?

How many jobs are they currently working on, most agencies are heavily targeted and I hate to say it but it can be seen as a numbers game.  That obviously means that the higher the targets, the more jobs they are bringing in every week.  As a result, your Urgent job will quickly fall to the bottom of the list as each ‘new’ Urgent job comes in.


Who actually sources the cv’s?

So, your preferred recruiter has been out to visit you, has a full understanding of you, your organisation, the team and person specification Fantastic! But who is actually sourcing for the candidate? is the recruiter or is it a resourcer?


How do they vet the candidates?

What is their process for registering the candidates, how do they initially vet them, where does the registration process take place, do they meet them face to face or is over the telephone, an online registration process or do they do a Skype interview.  How do they check eligibility?


It’s a lot to think of but a good recruiter is here to make your life easier and if you choose the right one, you will have a long-term recruitment partner.