Interview Advice

Who loves Interviews?

I talk about this every time I complete a briefing with my candidates so I thought I would write a teeny blog about it too.

Most people think that the interview process is there purely for the Company to assess who they feel will be the right person re skill set, experience, knowledge, personality, aptitude etc.

This is true, but it is also there for the candidate to assess whether this company is a right fit for them! What is the company ethos, is there room to develop, what are the benefits, are the people nice, who is in the team?

This is what people forget and I think why they get so nervous as they feel they are being judged, they are completely exposed and will potentially be rejected.

The interview process is in place for both parties!

The most important thing for the candidate to do is Preparation!

· Research the company as much as possible

· Plan your route and timings

· Plan your outfit, I always say as business like as possible but make sure you are comfortable, hands up who has worn new shoes for an interview and ended up with blisters

· Think about your strength and weakness, these are not tricky questions, we all have something that we are very strong at and we ALL have something that is not our strongest point BUT we have recognised it, owned it and put steps in place to counteract it!

· Think about your existing job, how do you do it well? how do you cope under pressure? Do not say, “oh I cope with pressure really well………..” that just leaves them hanging, how do you cope under pressure well, what is your tactic?

· What examples do you have which are relevant for the position you are interviewing for?

Make sure your example has a beginning a middle and an end, what was the problem? what did you do? what was the end result? Think of the S.T.A.R. method Situation, Task, Action, Result.

· Take your notes in with you and a pen and put them on the desk, use them throughout the interview, that way you will not forget anything.

Can you prepare for every question you may be asked, of course not but a good interview will make you comfortable and will give you time to think about your answer?

Ultimately, you need to Be Yourself, you have been invited to the interview for a reason, be confident in you and your abilities, now go and Smash that Interview