Mistakes to avoid when applying for jobs

It’s not easy when you are looking for a new job, I’ve said it before and I will say it again Online recruitment does not work, you must really stand out to get the right people to see you!

So, how do you do this?

1 Spelling & Grammar

You must make sure that your CV is top notch with NO spelling mistakes, I cannot tell you the times that I have received a cv for a job that requires a high level of accuracy only to find not only grammatical mistakes but spelling mistakes. Guys, we all have spell check, you must make sure you use it!

Get someone else to check it for you also just to be sure, don’t think that your recruitment agency will do it for you, if they have to work too much on your cv they may just move on to the next.

2. Over applying for jobs

you are probably wondering how on earth you can over apply? It’s probably best to explain with a true example of what I experienced a few years ago;

I would advertise my jobs which were all different, different industries, different skillsets. On every single job there was an application from the same person, this individual’s background was journalism and literally had no relevance whatsoever to anything that I had advertised.

On every application I made sure that I sent an email declining the application to lack of experience etc but after a few weeks I decided to contact to the individual and have a chat to see what they were looking for in case I was missing something,

They never responded, they just carried on applying until they disappeared? I never took their application seriously after a while and potentially they could have missed out.

3. Hard to read CV

I have an amazing candidate that I work with, they like to write things down though, so much that I cannot read what is in front of me.

They don’t want to miss a thing, so they literally write down their entire day from start to finish. Each time we work together we break it down so it’s more user friendly.

Keep paragraph’s short and make bullet points your best friend. If you haven’t got a job description to use, google one for the most appropriate phrases for your current role.

4. Cancelling interviews and registrations

I have been in recruitment for nearly 7 year’s and trust me, I have heard every excuse under the sun as to why a candidate is cancelling their registration with me.

I must have the kiss of death! In the last month, 2 candidates’ have cancelled their registrations as they have ended up in hospital (never to be heard of again).

Grannies need to worry as well when they hear their grandchild is registering with a recruitment agency, it generally means that the Grim Reaper is waiting around the corner. I’m serious, we once had that excuse for 2 cancellations in 1 week.

If I have offered my time to help you and the above happens, that memory never goes away. I ONLY work with candidate’s that I trust, bear that in mind please when you oversleep or have a hangover.

5. Applying for jobs that you are not qualified for

Why? It completely discredits you as a candidate. I’m not talking about an Administrator applying for an Accounts Assistant role where training is provided. I’m talking about completely ignoring the essential requirements of the role i.e. AAT Qualified, Chartered Architect or even a Car Driver!

6. Get your dates right and close any gaps

Gaps in employment are not always a bad thing, but they do raise a red flag for hiring managers. If left unexplained, hiring managers will assume the worst.

When you have a gap in employment, be sure to explain what happened. Don’t let a hiring manager assume you were fired for cause when you really left to take care of a sick parent or new-born child.

These are just a few tips, ultimately, use your common sense when applying and take it seriously, email [email protected] if you need advice