Blog 2, continuation

So that was my way in

no interview (which I would never have got through anyway), no preparing no clue as to what this job would need from me, but I loved it, I had found myself for the first time ever in a target driven environment where I had to log my work on a daily figure sheet!!


My company sent me on residential training 4 times for Sales, Compliance, Permanent cycle and temporary cycle, my weakness is my memory so much of that information was forgotten very quickly although important bits popped up every now and again when I needed it to.


I happily market Zero’s every day for months, I really didn’t have a Clue!!


Placements started coming in but not enough, my minimum expectation was £5,000 per month and to hit bonus I needed £7,001 on a 4-week month and £8,750 on a 5-week month


My call target was accomplished, Mostly, so why wasn’t I achieving anything?


The realisation kicked in, I was scatter gunning my calls, I didn’t know where the business was, so I rang everyone on our database, the companies that I knew where a user I rang once a month!!!   Only Once a month, do you know why?


Because I was scared of peeing them off or becoming a pest…………….


The turning point for me was when my company yet again, decided to take a new direction (very quickly) they felt that there was more money in Permanent recruitment, so they were going to increase headcount in most branches where they felt they were missing out, so our headcount went from 2 to 3 practically overnight.


All of us were looking in the same pool, none of us had any imagination and that basically meant that I had little chance of hitting bonus.


So, I left and went to another agency and found myself as the ONLY Sales person in that branch, can you believe it, they all just waited for the business to come in from their existing clients, which it did actually, they were very established.


I made my calls, found some users, went on some visits but then found I was having to hand over my leads to other people to work on the jobs as they were not in my sector!! How was that supposed to work, me doing all the Sales, passing stuff over and getting Nothing back in return?????


Thankfully for me, 2 months later my old Manager came and found me and asked me to come back Home, the other 2 PC’s were leaving, and she needed me back…it was a no brainer, my competition was going so back I went.


I created a Business Development Plan of smaller companies that I knew were users ignoring all the volume clients and I contacted these people every single week by calling, emailing, dropping postcards and gifts and I converted some and turned them into repeat clients.  It worked


My sales were targeted to companies that I wanted to work with rather than any one that would give me a job just so that I could hit target.


Visits to other branches were really good for getting tips of how to work smarter


I recognised that most people (as I used to) gave up after the 3rd contact, I continue till 6/7/8, I need to validate so I will keep revisiting


I had finally figured out what I could offer as a recruitment consultant, and I was not wasting my time on unplaceable jobs and companies who felt using 5 agencies for all jobs was a great idea.

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