The Birth of My New Baby Recruitment Business

Starting your own recruitment business, or any business is challenging, thought provoking, scary and exciting…you dream about it for so long then when it happens it still feels like a dream. In the beginning I was not sure where to start and if I’m honest I don’t even know how I got here?

I have created this company out of a need to… this answer is so long and round the houses but basically, I just want to be a Permanent Consultant… I want to help people, encourage them, listen to them, push them and give them confidence to take the next step or side step in their career.

About Me

Before I ramble on about Consistent Recruitment Ltd let me tell you about me, Michele (Tinsley) Talbot, Wife, Daughter, Mum, Sister, Auntie, friend and colleague of many over the years.
In my world I have a Husband Type Person that I found around 10 years ago, I’m not sure what happened there either, but this Husband Type Person decided that he wanted to belong to me, that was a good choice for him I thought and luckily, he still agrees.

I have 2 sons, one with an extremely good work ethic, he is now in the police force but still his own character, building his own world with his gorgeous partner. My youngest son is still finding his way in this world, currently in college and contemplating getting a job (very slowly) I am waiting for him to realise that if you work hard you get nice things, but this is taking a long time to sink in my handsome son’s mind. I think once his driving lessons run out (a block of 10 were bought for his birthday) and he realises that no more are coming his way it will prompt him to join the working world (fingers crossed).

My Background

Anyway, for many years I was a Secretary, Receptionist, Administrator, fantastic typist and very efficient. My salary was ok, and I never strived for much more. I had good feedback where ever I was and felt good and reasonably confident. I was never a career girl, but was always hard working, was never late, committed to my employer and just wanted to please really.

In one of my jobs, I took a tumble mentally, I’m not sure why, I didn’t fit in that place it was too quiet for me, but I didn’t realise it at the time. I started to doubt myself, my capabilities and my purpose etc. My journey into work was awful, I was so low I would cry sometimes on my way in, I felt trapped as I didn’t know how to get out, I didn’t know about agencies then !!! had never needed one before. I saw a counsellor and turned my emotions around, I started to become the creature that I am now.

After an entire year I finally left!!!!!!!!!! Went to an even smaller company but it got me out. Thankfully for me 6 month’s later my so-called Boss made me redundant in a very unprofessional manner, I will never forget the way I was treated and will mention no names.

For 2 months I struggled to find work, even with my good background, I was getting sad at not working, I had no income a mortgage and even though it was in May and June, the sun was never out so I couldn’t even get a tan!!! Terrible times.

The Beginning of my Recruitment Lift

I was then offered a temp job Finally via an agency, I was starting on Monday doing compliance (perfect), I agreed before asking where this job was as I needed money coming in again. I eventually asked what company I would be working for and was told “Oh it’s here, in the branch” that was it, that was the start of my life in recruitment and I have never looked back. I felt like I had woken up from the stupor that was my life, I had no idea what I was doing in this fast-paced world of people and sales but my god it was exciting!!!
So that’s me and my background, in my next blog I will tell you how fabulously rubbish I was in the early days of being a Consultant and how I slowly turned things around.